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Please note that additional DCJ COVID-19 resources including ordering and printing signage is available on the COVID-Safe workplace signage intranet page. To access this intranet page you will need to be logged into your DCJ account via Citrix/MyApps.

Factsheets for employees

Working from home

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidance

Hygiene etiquette posters

Posters for client facing offices

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for older Australians


  • Email signature. Instructions for use:
    • 1. Save the image
    • 2. Open a new email in Microsoft Outlook
    • 3. On the Message menu, select Insert > Signature > Signatures...
    • 4. Put your cursor underneath your current signature block
    • 5. Click the insert image icon in the Edit signature toolbar
    • 6. Select the image, ok and close
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Last updated: 24 Aug 2021