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Access to DCJ's Employee Assistance Program for service provider staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, will conclude on 31 March 2021. Until 31 March 2021, employees and their family members can continue to access services. If one of your staff or their immediate family member has commenced accessing the program prior to this date, they can continue with their scheduled consultations beyond the closing date. After 31 March 2021, we won't be offering new participants access to the Employee Assistance Program.

This page explains how the staff of contracted service providers can access the support, counselling and advice offered by DCJ’s Employee Assistance Program.

On this page:

We’re aware of the challenges facing your staff at this time. We recognise they’re under added stress and may need extra support for themselves or members of their immediate family.

To assist, we have provided access to our Employee Assistance Program to organisations that aren’t able to offer similar services. These confidential counselling services are available to your staff for the COVID-19 recovery period.

The cost of the service will be covered by DCJ. There is no cost to your organisation or to individual staff using the service.

We’re working out our processes for delivering this service. We will provide more details as they come to hand.

The program provides your staff and their immediate family with support, counselling and advice on a range of work and personal matters. This includes workplace conflict, managing relationships and mental health.

These services are delivered by a team of highly trained psychologists and counsellors. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The program offers up to 4 sessions for each of the following eight separate service streams or types:

  1. Employee Assist (general counselling)
  2. Career Assist
  3. Conflict Assist
  4. Nutrition & Lifestyle
  5. Money Assist
  6. Family Assist
  7. Manager Assist
  8. Legal Assist (2 sessions only)

Any service provider contracted by DCJ that doesn’t have a similar assistance program in place is eligible.

Register your interest for the services by completing the Registration for EAP form and emailing it to

When can staff access the services?

Once your organisation registers with DCJ for these services, we’ll pass on the details to the Employee Assistance Program provider. We will also provide you with promotional material to share with your staff.

Yes, the Employee Assistance Program provider guarantees the privacy of individuals and organisations.

We will only receive a report of the number and types of service streams delivered. This is for payment purposes only.

There is no impact to your contract and you’re not expected to pay for these services. There’s no cost to staff accessing the service either, DCJ will cover the costs.

We are offering this service to support the wellbeing of your staff during COVID-19. This will also help to maintain service continuity to our clients and their communities.

If you have any further questions, please send them to or contact your DCJ contract manager.

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Last updated: 22 Mar 2021