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Guidelines for Select Tender grant stream

This grant has closed.

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Objective of this grant stream

The objective of the Support Fund Select Tender is to assist organisations that provide crucial supports to vulnerable people of NSW, where COVID-19 has led to a significant increase in demand for their services.

This grant is targeted at those organisations contracted by DCJ to deliver annually funded services.

What the payment can be used for

The Support Fund Select Tender payment can be used by eligible organisations for the services DCJ has contracted them to deliver, supplementing existing funds and allowing them to be more flexible in how they support clients to meet increased demand.

Eligible organisations can use up to 50% of the funds to retrospectively reimburse expenses incurred since June 2021.

The payment can’t be used to deliver services outside of the program outcomes specified in DCJ contracts.

Eligibility criteria

Organisations eligible for this grant

DCJ selected organisations to participate in the Select Tender based on the following criteria; the organisation:

  • is a charity or not-for-profit registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC)
  • provides services in line with the aims of the Support Fund
  • isn’t receiving JobSaver or JobSaver for Not-for-Profit
  • is currently contracted by DCJ to deliver funded services (in other words, the organisation receives annual funding from DCJ)
  • provides crucial supports to vulnerable people of NSW (by ‘crucial’, we mean the services can’t be deferred nor delivered effectively by remote means)
  • has had a significant increase in demand for their services due to COVID-19 in July–September 2021 compared to April–June 2021
  • is able to deliver additional services at short notice
  • is able to spend the payment by 31 December 2021, unless agreed with DCJ beforehand.

Organisations not eligible for this grant

If an organisation is contracted by DCJ, it wasn’t considered for the grant if it met any of the following conditions:

  • the funding it received was a one-off grant payment, or for a campaign or special project
  • the services funded are for programs that have been a target of recent grants, such as food programs
  • it’s a local council
  • it’s a peak organisation; it doesn’t provide direct services to people and/or the general community in NSW
  • it provides highly specialised services for small client groups
  • it receives less than $100,000 in annual funding
  • it has current performance issues.

An organisation may also have been excluded if it received the COVID-19 Partnership Grant in September 2021 or was invited to accept the COVID-19 Regional Partnership Grant in October 2021.

Prior to being invited, we’ll assess eligible organisations at a point in time to determine their receipt of the JobSaver or JobSaver for Not-for-Profit payments. Organisations in receipt of either of these payments won’t be invited for the Select Tender grants.

Organisations that aren’t eligible for the Select Tender for any reason other than receiving a JobSaver or JobSaver for Not-for-Profit payment can apply for a grant under the Open Applications stream.

Reporting requirements

Service providers will be required to:

  • complete a financial report via SmartyGrants in February 2022
  • include the grant funds received in their corporate financial statements to acquit them as part of their annual accountability 2021–2022 reporting.

There are no additional reporting requirements.

How to accept an invitation for this grant

If eligible, your organisation will receive an email invitation to accept this grant on Thursday 14 October 2021. The email will include full details of how to accept the grant in SmartyGrants.

Your organisation isn’t required to submit a proposal or budget.

Grants must be accepted by 5pm Thursday 21 October 2021.

The amount of the payment will be decided when DCJ knows how many organisations have accepted the grant.

If accepted, your organisation will be required to sign a Funding Deed with DCJ.

Note, if your organisation accepts a Select Tender grant, you’re still eligible for the Open Applications grant stream but you may not be prioritised for funding. Organisations that haven’t received a Support Fund grant will be prioritised first.

If you have questions, contact the Social Sector Support Fund mailbox.

How to appeal a decision

You can appeal a decision made in relation to this grant via DCJ feedback and complaints.

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Last updated: 29 Nov 2021