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Social Sector Support Fund

Grants for eligible charities and not-for-profits (NFPs) in the social, health, disability and animal welfare service sectors in NSW. The Support Fund is targeted at organisations where COVID-19 has led to either increased demand for services, reduced revenue or disrupted staffing.

How the Support Fund is different from other funds available to charities and NFPs

The Support Fund is separate to and different from other funding currently or recently available to charities and NFPs.

Other funds currently and recently available to charities and NFPs

NSW Government COVID business grants and payments

The following table summarises your eligibility for the Support Fund based on eligibility for the COVID business grants and payments.

My organisation is receiving a COVID business grant or paymentIs my organisation eligible for the Support Fund?
2021 COVID-19 business grantYes
JobSaver for Not-for-ProfitNo
JobSaver for large tourism, hospitality and recreation businessesNo
2021 COVID-19 micro-business grantYes

Visit the Service NSW website for details and comparison of these grants.

Social Sector Transformation Fund

The Social Sector Support Fund is different from the Social Sector Transformation Fund, which is now closed.

The Social Sector Transformation Fund covered grants for small and medium-sized charities and NFPs working in health and social service to help them modernise their operations, so they can remain efficient, effective and viable.

The grant focused on assisting organisations with capacity building, better digital service delivery, remote working capabilities, and improving business strategies.

Find out more about the Social Sector Transformation Fund

The Social Sector Transformation Fund established a free advisory and information service for small to medium-sized not-for-profits to help them to modernise their business operations.

This service is available until 30 September 2022.

COVID-19 Partnership Grant

The Partnership Grant provided funds in September 2021 to selected non-government organisations (NGOs) across the 12 local government areas (LGAs) of concern in Greater Sydney, identified in the NSW Public Health Orders.

The purpose of the grant funding was to:

  • support vulnerable people and diverse communities in the 12 LGAs of concern, including people required to isolate due to COVID-19
  • provide additional funds to eligible service providers to increase the support they were already providing to vulnerable people in the community, in response to COVID-19.

Find out more about the Partnership Grant

Other government assistance

Your organisation may be eligible for other state or federal government assistance.

Find out more

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Last updated: 14 Oct 2021