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In response to the growing COVID-19 situation in NSW, and consistent with contract requirements, please report any COVID-19 positive incidents that occur involving clients, or that impact the delivery of services to clients in your workplace, as soon as reasonably practicable to your DCJ contract manager.

What is a COVID-19 positive incident?

A COVID-19 positive incident is when –

  • clients of a service provider test positive for COVID-19
  • carers or service provider employees, including contractors and sub-contractors, test positive and there is a likely impact on service delivery or clients
  • ancillary staff who may not have been directly involved in service delivery, but have come in contact with service provider staff or clients in the context of their work, e.g. a delivery driver, who delivers meals to DCJ clients or a service provider, tests positive to COVID-19

These incidents must be reported to your DCJ contract manager.

What you need to do

Provide advice

As soon as you are aware of the COVID-19 positive incident, please contact your contract manager.

Specifically, we need to be notified when a client, carer, ancillary staff or an employee of your organisation tests positive to COVID-19, or has been in contact with your staff, clients or workplace while infectious.

When notifying your contract manager of a COVID-19 positive incident, please provide as much information as possible. This will help your contract manager understand the impact of the incident, and importantly, support your organisation during this time.

It is important to advise your contract manager if the child or young person involved is in out-of-home-care or similar arrangements and under Parental Responsibility to the Minister (PRM). If this is the case, please provide your contract manager as much information as possible.

For notification of a COVID-19 positive case outside core business hours, please contact the Director Commissioning and Planning for your district, or the Director State-wide Contracts (for state-wide or centrally managed contracts).

After-hours of contact details are listed below.

NGOs operating within the following district Name and Position After Hours Email

Hunter and Central Coast

Susan Mullard

Director Commissioning and Planning

Illawarra Shoalhaven and Southern NSW

Kathryn Stonestreet

A/Director Commissioning and Planning

Mid North Coast, Northern NSW and New England

Fiona Napper

Director Commissioning and Planning

Murrumbidgee Far West and Western NSW

Wendy Crockett

Director Operations

South Western Sydney

Daniel Barakate

Director Commissioning and Planning

Sydney, South Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney

Penny Church

Director Commissioning and Planning

Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains

Claudia Vianello

Director Commissioning and Planning

Partnerships (for centrally managed contracts)

Philippa Welman

Director State-wide Contracts


Ongoing discussion may continue with your contract manager to determine continued support or advice on ongoing service delivery.

If you require any further information, please contact your contract manager.

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Last updated: 15 Sep 2021